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Whitesnake at Hard Rock Live, Orlando

One of the most iconic voices in rock n roll, David Coverdale, and Whitesnake took over the Hard Rock Live on a perfect Orlando FL  Monday night. By show time, he would be belting out all the Whitesnake classics we love to a sold out crowd. Within the first 3 power packed songs we heard a new one off the bands latest release, Flesh and Blood, 'Gonna Be Alright'!

DC, as he is widely known as, with his big grin, captured the audience from the first step onto the stage. He, being the quintessential front man he is, leads his band in an energy packed show. Don't listen to nay-sayers when they ask "...Whitesnake? Are they still around?"; trust me, they VERY much are. I MAY be a bit biased here since they have been one of this writer's favorites for more than 30yrs, but if you ever hear a word about DC's voice not being what it used to be, go to a show, he will prove you wrong. He, and the rest of the band, are in top notch form and one of the tightest bands you'll see. Having just celebrated their 40th anniversary, they re showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Long time members keep the Whitesnake train on the track. The beat, provided by veteran drummer, Tommy Aldridge, who has also played with Ozzy, Pat Travers, & Gary Moore just to name a few, is one to be reckoned with on his instrument. Guitar player Joel Holstrom is one exciting player to watch with the talent to back that up. His stance and presence on stage captures the eye like no other...tall, long blonde hair covering his face as he loses himself in a song (check out the shots!). Playing bass is Michael Devin. He and DC have a fun chemistry on stage, both with big smiles loving what they do. Looking to the right, we have guitar player Reb Beach, the group's bandleader as he has been called, who is also famous for being an original member of Winger, is a formidable talent himself. He has appeared on 4 of the band's albums so far. Rounding out the line up is Michele Luppi on keyboards. He first appeared live on The Purple Tour CD.

During this high energy show we heard the favorites, 'Bad Boys', 'Slow an' Easy', & 'Is This Love',  and a few from the new release. At show time, Flesh and Blood had not been released but it is out now and I would highly recommend picking up a copy. DC has always surrounded himself with some of the most talented musicians and put out amazing work, this album is no exception to that.

We anticipate more from Whitesnake in the future but if they decide not to, this is one band that can play for hours and not run out of quality material after 40 years......songs that have gotten us through some tough times as teens, moved our hearts and souls during relationships, and maybe even THE song at your wedding. Songs that make you 'howl, and run under the cover of moon light' (Bad Boys); make you feel sexy (Slide it in and Slow and Easy); and have you singing in your car at the top of your lungs, windows down, not caring who hears (Still of the Night).

Catch Whitesnake on tour now in a city near YOU!

Photographer - Karen Romano Adams - was on hand capturing the Moments That ROCKED!

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