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Steel Panther Brought Their Special Brand of Music and Humor to Sold Out Plaza Live Orlando

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When I speak to others who have never see or heard of Steel Panther, I ask, "Did you love the rock in the 80s?" , "Do you miss the fun of it?" , "Would you like to relive it a bit, but with amusing twists?", then collect your sense of humor and come out to a show!

The main thing I tell them, though, is that they will be blown away by the fun and talent this band exudes from the stage. With fun stage names, singer, Michael Starr, drummer, Stix, guitar player, Sachel, and recently added bass player, Spyder , teleport us back to the carefree 80s hair metal days most of us knew and loved - and some long to be back in! Yes, we all still miss Lexxi, but new addition, Spyder, is fitting in very well, playing off the other members seamlessly keeping this fun rock n roll machine rolling along. We try not to miss them when they tour the Central Florida area.

They released their 6th studio album, 'On the Prowl', in February 2023. Three of the songs from this album were on the setlist tonight, '1987', 'Ain't Dead Yet', and 'Never Too Late(To Get Some Pussy Tonight), with their good friend Joey Fatone, of NSYNC fame, performing it with them. On a side note, every time Steel Panther is in the Orlando area, you can just about guarantee a Joey Fatone sighting on stage with the band. He is a huge supporter and has just as much fun up there making fun of himself and band as well. He will usually perform multiple songs and banter with the guys for multiple songs as well. This night he hit that stage wearing an 'NSYNC' T-shirt which added to the humor and the crowd loved it!

Here is the setlist from the evening :

Once again, it was a sold out show at Plaza Live in Orlando. No matter what is going on elsewhere in the area, this band will always bring the crowds looking to have a good time. On this particular weekend, Daytona was having their annual Bike Week event which draws 100,000 or more each year, yet many that would be attending bands there made the trek to come see Steel Panther. Priorities, right?

Catch them on tour near you!

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