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Joey Belladonna & Beyond Frontiers Rocked the Uptown Art Expo in Altamonte Springs, FL

While at the show looking at t-shirts you might think you want to tap someone on the shoulder to politely tell them you think they are at the wrong show, but no, they were surely at the right show.

I say this due to the abundance of Anthrax t's, of course. One might be thinking either this was a musically conflicted audience or a very diverse one. Well, I'd just tell them this is an audience of fans of the amazing voice of Joey Belladonna.

Joey is the singer for the hard rocking metal band, Anthrax, who have been melting faces since 1981. Joey explained on stage last night that way before he was a metal band front man, he had a love of classic rock, especially Journey, that carries through today.

He formed this tribute to Journey called Beyond Frontiers, a mere few ago. You would never know this was only the 3rd show since the band's re-launch as it was a smooth running machine tonight! Joey told us a very short history of the band in that he knew the other members from many years ago. He said how it made him very happy and proud to be in a band all together now, sharing their mutual love for Journey. His bandmates are Doug Carter on keyboard, Matt Basford on guitar, Justin Ward on drums, & Paul Arntz on bass.

They are having a great time performing together. This is definitely a very talented, tight bunch of musicians. Thank you to the Uptown Art Expo media techs also! The sound was great and piped throughout the entirety of Cranes Roost Park lamp post speaker system. They performed all of the favorites such as 'Separate Ways', 'Open Arms', 'Lights', 'Girl Can't Help It', 'Wheel in the Sky', and even, "...the deep cut of the night...", as Joey called it, 'Oh, Sherry'. 'Oh Sherry', as we know, was a song by the most famous, singer of Journey, Steve Perry, after he left the band to pursue his solo career. Joey Belladonna, as mentioned, is the front man for the Grammy nominated, national touring metal band, Anthrax which was formed in New York and has millions of fans all over the world. This chance to see and hear Joey's amazing and powerful voice singing Journey, should not be missed.

VIP meet and greets are available for purchase at each show and highly recommended. Joey is a legend of the rock world yet still a nice and humble guy. You don't want miss this chance to meet him, have some memorabilia signed and get your photo with he and the band!

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