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Wasp, with Armored Saint, Proving Doubting Promoters Wrong All Over the Country!

What a phenomenal 40th Anniversary Tour for both of these bands. This powerhouse pairing was a stroke of genius and cheers to whoever put it together.

There were just as many Armoured Saint fans as W.A.S.P. fans standing in that line wrapping around the building as he doors were set to open.

Doors did open a bit late so everything was pushed back about a half hour from what we could tell this night. But once it was moving, it was smooth sailing into the venue for fans. Plaza Live is a GREAT Orlando venue that has been bringing in some awesome sell-out shows for fans.

At one point in the show here in Orlando, Blackie said that certain promoters doubted that a W.A.S.P. tour would garner much attention and decided not to take it on. Well they have been proven wrong by SOLD OUT SHOW AFTER SOLD OUT SHOW all over the country!!

Plaza Live was no exception! This show sold out quite a bit before the show date, both admission tickets as well as meet and greets. Blackie is a legend of rock, who wouldn't want to be in his presence at a meet n greet?! I do have to admit, I stepped out into a side area designated for smokers and took a quick break after the allotted songs for me in the photo pit and just had to smile knowing that, yes, I was one, for a brief time there, in his presence. What a feeling!!

Blackie still has so much energy when performing. He surrounded himself with energetic talented musicians who are playing our beloved W.A.S.P. songs like they wrote them. He still hops on "Elvis", his huge elaborate metal microphone with a spring in the bottom, and bends it backward and forward under his weight. This is still one of my favorite things he does on stage! By the end of this show, fans were hot, sweaty, and spent; a great rock n roll show. Period!

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