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Geoff Tate Paired with Vandenberg To Rock the Historic Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach

Updated: Mar 11

Another stellar Geoff Tate show! 3rd show for us in recent years and it never disappoints. Geoff brings such talent, entertaining stories, and a voice that has never wavered after all these years. When so many of our favorite singers from bands we grew up with have struggled from time to time, Geoff is as strong as ever.

Another talent, well many more, I'm sure, but I'm speaking of the ability he has is to surround himself with talented musicians who each do such justice to any song in the vast catalog that Queensryche has.

Tonight we heard fan favorites such as 'Empire' which opened the night, 'Operation: Mindcrime', 'I Don't Believe in Love', 'Jet City Woman', and the ever popular 'Silent Lucidity'.

During the encore we heard their rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine', of course, performed perfectly.

Geoff always so entertaining and passionate on stage. He seems to bring a new energy every time you see him. He is truly enjoying himself and the audiences coming to see him.

Opening tonight's amazing show was someone I, myself, hadn't seen perform or spoken to in over 30 years, Mr. Adrian Vandenberg, with his band, Vandenberg! I'm pleased to say I did both this night.

This was truly a treat as he and band performed many Whitesnake songs with a few Vandenberg songs sprinkled in.

Adrian was a member of Whitesnake steadily during the late 80s and early 90s. Know as "The Flying Dutchman", he lent his phenomenal guitar skills and good looks to the band helping to catapult it to success on radio and especially on MTV. There was a time, we all remember, during MTVs programing that a Whitesnake video played every few hrs or so if not more!

Adrian has also surrounded himself with an extremely talented band with singer, Mats, doing justice to those Whitesnake tunes. He was very much a crowd pleaser.

Tonight on his setlist we heard 'Bad Boys', 'Judgment Day', and 'Still of the Night', all from his time in Whitesnake, to name a few, and we heard 'Hit the Ground Running', 'Freight Train', 'Your Love is in Vain', and 'Burning Heart' from his namesake band, Vandenberg.

The crowd reveled and sang their way through the over 1hr opening set right along with the band.

The pairing of these two bands on tour was a spark of genius as they compliment each other in ways we used to see during rock shows decades ago.

As much as we like to see or get to know 'newbies' (new, upcoming bands), local pick up nationals, or bands from a slightly different genre open for our rock heroes, it's nice to see an opener on the same 'wavelength', let's say, as the headliner.

Make sure to catch this show at a venue near you. You will definitely not be disappointed!

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