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Orlando Says "It's Been a While" to Band, Staind

Yes it has!! Over 11 years since Staind has been in the city proper of Orlando and we were there with a packed house at Hard Rock Live to welcome them back.

Along with a reunited band comes new music. The first songs in 12 years, matter of fact. One of the releases is entitled "Lowest In Me". He's said, recently, that they have been paying attention to what sounds and approaches that may not have been around the last time they made music together. He also said that you will certainly recognize the band in this though. So old school Staind fans are embracing the new music and we are thinking they will gain many new fans as more of their new tunes hit the airways!

Staind is made up of lead singer, Aaron Lewis, who is also known for his solo act performing both rock and country music, lead guitarist, Mike Mushok, bass and backing vocals, Johnny April, and on drums, Sal Giancarelli, who replaced Jon Wysocki in 2011. The band has been a tight unit since the beginning and, based on this night's performance, hasn't missed a beat and continue to be top notch performers.

During the majority of their performance the stage was kept darker than other rock shows you might attend but had dramatic lighting features all over their stage set up. LED screens completed the light show with exciting graphics as well as close ups of Aaron during certain songs.

Orlando fans came out in droves for this one. Both the GA standing room floor was filled as well as balcony seating. There really isn't a bad seat in the house in Hard Rock Live Orlando. The band did not have and opening act so it was all Staind all night! The show started at 8:15 and went to 9:45ish which let time or fans to enjoy some fun in Universal's City Walk area after the show. They opened with the previously mention newly released single, which is quickly gaining ground in radio play, " The Lowest In Me". As the band said, they are staying true to their roots, with a few new sounds and ideas thrown in on the new CD that is due out in September of 2023. Great song and if this is any indication of what is on it, fans will definitely love it.

Favorite Staind tunes filled the rest of the set with the bigger hits towards the end of the set. Fans called for an encore and the band delivered that too!

Here is the setlist from the evening:

• Unchained

• Lowest in Me

• Falling

• Not Again

• Just Go

• Home

• Eyes Wide Open

• Fade

• Paper Wings

• Something to Remind You

• Epiphany

---- Aaron Solo Acoistic

• Right Here

• Outside

• Wannabe

• So Far Away

• For You


• It's Been Awhile

• Mudshovel

Stain will continue touring the U.S. with dates out through the end of October 2023 as of right now. Be sure to catch this awesome show near you!

Also catch Aaron Lewis' solo acoustic tour - see info below

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