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Tom Keifer, #Keiferband, had the Peabody Auditorium Rockin' in Daytona Beach


Tom Keifer puts on a strong, engaging, and energetic show from beginning to end! There have been nothing but rave reviews along this tour route with tonight being no exception.

We've had some chilly and rainy days lately in Florida recently so we welcomed the drier weather which also helped to get more people out for an awesome rock show!

Daytona Beach's historic Peabody Auditorium is a great place to see a concert because there isn't a bad seat in the house, as they say!

Keifer has put together a group of extremely talented musicians, including his lovely wife, Savannah, who sings back up together with Tanya Davis. Savannah also sings a duet with Tom on piano followed by herself at the keys when takes to the guitar for the song 'Dont Know What You Got Til Its Gone'.

The rest of the band is made up by Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Jarred Pope, & Kory Myers.

The backdrop for the stage we see simply states the bands name, #Keiferband, but it says it all. Tom has remained relevant to this day by keeping the music we love alive. He is the voice of the now disbanded, Cinderella. That voice you recognize in anything he may sing.....his stance on stage and lip pout, so familiar, from the days when many Cinderella music videos ruled MTV, being played many times a day, if not once an hour!


Many songs prompted fans to turn on and raise cell phones lighting up the auditorium beautifully to their favorite songs. Tonight's setlist included favorites such as 'Heartbreak Station', 'Nobody's Fool', 'Night Songs', and 'Shake Me with a few from Tom's solo records, Rise & The Way Life Goes sprinkled in; 'Life Was Here', 'Death of Me', & 'Solid Ground.

Opening was a band who's "birth", as they say, happened right here IN Daytona Beach! Guitarist, Austin Ingerman, a Daytona native, wanted to create a fresh, edgy rock n' roll band after Covid shut downs in the entertainment industry ended touring band schedules. I'd say he and band members James Renshaw, Jordan Benson, And Pat Brown definitely did what they set out to do.

From what I was hearing during the break between bands, they gained a ton of fans that night. They appreciated the newness of the music and energy put forth from the stage. An interesting side note to mention is that, singer, Jordan, is also a distant cousin to the charismatic Elvis Presley himself!

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