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Historic Daytona Venue Hosted Legend Ted Nugent

This guitar legend, who has been called, to name a few, Uncle Ted, the ‘Nuge, Sweaty Teddy, but has always been known as a rock and roll god, took over the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach. Often seen as a controversial character due to hunting videos, views on gun control, & politics, he is known as the rocker who never got his highs from anything but life, life-experiences, and pure ROCK 'n ROLL. Actually, during this show, he proudly announced he is 71 years sober ... Wow! 71! You would never guess with the excitement he exudes during his show. He tells the audience that they are the most important audience of his life.

He's calculated his lifetime shows to be well over 6,000 which is a feat itself. We had multiple guitar changes throughout the night, and I do believe Ted has a name for each as well as much affection for every one of them. He's telling us it's all about guitar tone which I'm sure each song has its own which is perfectly suited for each of the guitars already set up for said song.

This evenings set list started off with one of his most famous Stranglehold, which is a nice long song to warm up to. Following this we had Gonzo & Paralyzed. Fan favorites such as Free-For-All & Cat Scratch Fever lit up the audience. Later in the hour and a half set, they clamored for an encore which Ted gladly indulged by playing The Great White Buffalo and finishing off the night in a most patriotic way with a guitar solo of The Star-Spangled Banner.

Full Gallery from show - Here

Ted is a man of strong political views of which, he is not afraid to voice. He loves & saluted many branches of the military which he said were in attendance that evening, our current president, and the Second Amendment, which brought cheers and standing ovations from the audience.

Whether you agree or disagree with his personal views we were all brought together there, this night, for the music; all in the name of rock and roll! Be sure to catch him out on tour near you!

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