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Foreigner Brought the Greatest Hits and More to Dr. Phillips in Orlando

The Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts was the place to be this past Sunday night in Orlando, FL as iconic rock band, Foreigner, graced the Walt Disney Theater stage. This venue has 2 large theaters as well as many amazing larger spaces within for private events and gatherings and so much more. The staff of ushers, security, and bartenders were so very helpful, as this was our first experience there making it a very enjoyable experience. The Center came alive with the melodic rock n roll of this legendary band bringing fans streaming in and to their feet singing and dancing at their seats.

Foreigner has always been a very polished band no matter what the lineup and that has certainly not changed.

With so many top 30 songs, I’m sure it is a struggle to come up with an evening’s set list to fit in a given time frame. But, I will say, the show was filled with all of our favorites. To be fair, it’s hard NOT to when almost every song is an iconic hit that has been played over and over either via radio or on a personal device with albums, tapes, and CDs at home for years in our youth and beyond. The music will take you back and bring up memories of where you were and what you were doing when you heard these songs the most. ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ might have been your wedding song, and you most certainly had to have played “air-guitar” to ‘Juke Box Hero’, or sang ‘Hot Blooded’ at the top of your lungs in your car, all the windows down, to the person in the next car. Whatever it may have been, you remember, and that is what music is all about.

This is why we love Foreigner. For the memories. To have this music of the band kept alive and on tour is truly a treat. The members of the band bringing on these memories are, founding member and producer, Mick Jones on guitar (although he did not appear at this particular show), Kelly Hansen on vocals, formerly of Hurricane, who had 5 top 20 video on MTV in the mid-80s, Bruce Watson on guitar, who was a session player who has worked with the likes of BB King, Rod Stewart, and Elton John, Jeff Pilson on bass, who has played with a multitude of rockers including Dio, MSG, George Lynch and, most famously, he is known as a founding member of one of the great 80’s metal bands, Dokken. Next we have a man whose calling to his instrument started at 5 years old, bringing the beat on drums is Chris Frazier and Michael Bluestein on keys, who also started at a young age with piano studies at 9 years old. Michael has worked with the talents of Stevie Nicks, Enrique Iglesias, and Boz Scaggs, and, finally, we have a former member of the band Train, Luis Maldonado, who has also played guitar for a couple of legends over the years including John Waite and Glenn Hughes.

As mentioned before, Mick Jones, only original member performing with the band today, wasn’t at this show. However, from our understanding, he will be performing at select upcoming shows. Although I noted his absence, the band never missed a beat and Kelly and Jeff kept the audience engaged encouraging them to sing and clap along with them. The band, having Mick’s stamp of approval, plays every song to the “T” and as perfectly as we remember Foreigner to be. Sound and lighting, of course, was superb. The band treated us to 11 of the greatest hits as well as both a keyboard and drum solo with 3 more chart toppers in the encore.


Double Vision Head Games Cold as Ice Waiting for a Girl Like You Blue Morning, Blue Day Dirty White Boy Feels Like the First Time Keyboard Solo Urgent Drum Solo Juke Box Hero

Encore: Long, Long Way From Home I Want to Know What Love Is Hot Blooded

As a teenager, I was all about a band’s greatest hits, so the album, ‘Foreigner Records’ was a must for me. Having the tape always in my “boom box” playing by a pool and everyone was listening whether they wanted to or not. The music, never offensive and with awesomely catchy tunes, just pure rock n roll.

As most of our country is now reopening from the pandemic, for the most part, there are so many concerts and events being planned right now so if you plan on attending any, make sure not to miss Foreigner at a stop near you!

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