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Buckcherry Rocked Henry's Depot in Sanford Florida on a Misty Sunday Night

Henry's Depot in Sanford was host to one of the most energetic bands touring right now, Buckcherry, who was on their way to catch the Monsters of Rock cruise which left out of Florida a few days after this show.

The venue is one of the newest to bring in a nice big outdoor stage allotting us some great entertainment. Even though it was a Sunday evening show, the crowd was big and excited to be there to see this "early show". Beginning at 4pm with 2 opening bands, the show concluded early around 9pm so you could still be fresh for work on Monday!

The weather gave us a bit of a fight as it started to mist a bit of rain onus but that didn't last too long, though it was a chilly evening. Henry's Depot is an amazing place to be as they have multiple choices of food and drink located inside this uniquely designed restaurant/bar. We spoke to many who enjoyed having an amazing dinner right on site of the show.

Set lit from the night :


So Hott


Out of Line

Lit Up

Hell bound


Wastin' No More Time

2 Drunk




Crazy Bitch

Say Fuck It

Thank you to Henry's Depot for another awesome show! Please visit their site here:

~~~ Henry's Depot ~~~

Website for :::: Buckcherry

Catch them on tour at a stop near YOU!

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