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March 25, 2019  - WAYLAND, the midwest rock band hailing from the town sharing it's name in Michigan, will release their new single “FORGET ABOUT ME” to their fans independently through management company, Fearlyss Entertainment.  Written by Phillip Vilenski and Mitchel Arnold from Wayland and Cody Hanson and Marshall Dutton from Hinder. Forget About Me is a rock anthem that you can't wait to sing along to in your car, discussing the trials and tribulations of a man having the worst day. Stream “Forget About Me” on SpotifyiTunes, and Amazon Music March 28! 

WAYLAND is a four piece, blue-collar American band from Wayland, Michigan who began selling out venues all across the midwest in 2010 before relentlessly traveling the United States over 300 days per year for the past five years. 

Committed to their roots and their songwriting, you cannot pigeonhole their sound into a genre, as every verse is penned from their heart telling tales of their stage to stage gypsy lifestyle. Comprised of Mitch Arnold on vocals, Phillip Vilenski on lead guitar and Dallas Hall on bassWAYLAND is a modern take on their vintage influences.

For more  information, check out WAYLAND’s website:

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