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STEELHEART Video Release, “Trust In Love”, To Unite People Everywhere

Miljenko Matijević is a world-class vocalist who embodies STEELHEART and has performed as the lead singer for the current-day DOORS and as the singer for the ‘fictional’ band STEEL DRAGON from the film ROCK STAR (starring Mark Wahlberg) which also includes Zakk Wylde, Matt Sorum and Jeff Pilson.

The Croatian rocker has lived in Korea and is now living in Los Angeles as he pursues music and acting opportunities. Matijevic has dedicated his most recent material to bringing the world together – releasing “Trust In Love”. The epic video is a love-letter to Korean culture, Directed/Produced by Matijevic along with Director of photography Robert Reed Altman (son of legendary director, Robert Altman).

Over two years in the making, the song was originally conceived as a plea for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, but the song has evolved into a wider-reaching message for the masses. Amidst the current geopolitical climate, and the invasion and war on Ukraine in particular, Matijević’s song is inspirational and highly relevant. “One night after watching the news on television, I was saddened to hear about the pain and suffering that the people of North and South Korea are going through,” says Matijević. “I turned off the television and sat down at my piano, immediately the song started writing itself. The words ‘Trust in Love’ came to me, and I knew this song was meant for the Korean people. And now, in light of what’s happening in Ukraine, I feel that this message is something meant for the entire world.”

The song has been released in English and Korean on all major music streaming and downloading platforms. The Mandarin Chinese version is out today. Set to top the Guinness World Record for languages one song is recorded in, the verses of “Trust In Love” have been recorded in 13 languages, among them English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Croatian, French, German, Swedish, Russian and Ukrainian (the 14th) is in development.

A STEELHEART 30th Anniversary album, with a remake of STEEL DRAGON’s “We All Die Young” is in the works. Matijevic is also preparing for two feature film roles in the coming months.

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