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Scott Stapp Rocked Home Town of Orlando

Scott Stapp - Hard Rock Live Orlando 10/19

Scott Stapp and band graced the stage at Hard Rock Live Orlando this passed weekend. Stapp, who has been touring as a solo act for many years, was the front man for the multi-platinum band, Creed.

He is known as one of the most iconic and unique voices of the 1990's and beyond and has a style that no one else can really capture themselves.

His most recent release, 'The Space Between The Shadows' came out July 2019. This album, includes many hard driving songs that seem to have come from the dark, places he may have faced while suffering from addiction. 'Purpose for Pain', for instance, is a song who's lyrics many can relate with. The song and music have a huge sound to it and heard live, you'll love it!

What really makes a show for a crowd is the passion exuded from the stage. Stapp and his band certainly have that and more. They connect with the crowd while performing, nothing brings you in for a more personal experience than that. Songs they perform such as 'With Arms Wide Open', still give goosebumps to concert goers world wide.

Full album of shots from Orlando - HERE -

Scott is also passionate about his charity, aptly named 'With Arms Wide Open Foundation', which brings hope to children, families, and veterans in need. Together with his wife, Jaclyn, the W.A.W.O. Foundation has has many success stories. For more information about it, click here.

We hope to see him perform here back at "home" very soon.

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