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Rebel Rock Festival Coming to FL Sept 2020

This fest is destined to be a HIT in the Central FL area! As more and more of the music seems to be moving North, West, and South of the area, there is a definite need for more centrally located festivals and concerts for 'music starved fans'.

As far as what this fest is all about, we just can't say it any better than they do themselves :

"Rebel Rock Festival is a rock and heavy metal festival in Orlando, Florida. A brand new addition to the scene, this will be the festival's inaugural edition.

With more festivals moving towards electronic sounds, Rebel Rock are on a mission to buck the trend with lineups of hard-hitting, fuzz-driven acts."

We look forward to this star studded show - click here for full line up page ~~~~> Rebel Rock Lineup

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1 Comment

Rose Crawford
Rose Crawford
Sep 09, 2021

Loved reaading this thank you

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