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KISS : End of the Road Tour, say it isn't so

End of the road for KISS??? That's really hard to say. Hard to actually say it, is what I mean. I have been to a KISS 'final' tour many years ago. They had 50' blow ups of each member in the parking lot, now THAT was a site to see. Yet, I've been to many more KISS concerts since that time. I don't think it in the band to really quit. WILL this be the "end" .....? Or....?

Well we will just have to see where the guys decide to take it from this point. This tour will be a long one, spanning throughout the US and over to Europe not ending until July of 2022 in Holland.

Here in Florida we have 2 dates to choose from for our KISS fix - October 8th in West Palm Beach & October 9th in Tampa. Click here for the full listing of tour dates.

We will be bringing coverage from the Tampa date, before they head north to Georgia. Be sure to catch them THIS tour - it MAY be the last, but we can always hope out hope for MORE!!

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