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Geoff Tate ROCKED Plaza Live Orlando with 2 Full Albums

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

What an absolutely phenomenal show! Band on point playing each album note for note. Geoff's voice doesn't seem to have suffered over the years as others have, it's still strong and filled the packed auditorium.

Plaza Live, being more of an intimate venue, doesn't have a bad seat in the house. Speaking of that, this was a seated show but after the intermission, between albums, many were out of their seats and up front. The first album of the night performed was "Rage for Order" and then came fan favorite and one of Queensryche's most successful and well loved albums, "Empire". ALL were standing by then no matter where they were located.

"31 years, can you believe?", says Geoff. He went on to tell us that many fans have stories about the songs and where they were and what they were doing when first hearing them. Said he loves to hear them. He told one story in particular about a 'store and a box...the one with the wings' ...and....well, you just have to go to a show and hear it for yourself! Such a character, he is. You got the sense he was truly loving it up there and was humbled at the audience participation in many songs. A transfer of music love from the stage, given right back to he and the band. Now to SPEAK of this band. Just wow! As mentioned before, they performed the songs as if you were listening to the album itself with just, and I mean JUST enough of a wayward or extra note to know you were listening LIVE. His band this night consisted of Kieran Robertson, lead guitar, Alex Hart, guitar, Jack Ross, bass guitar, and Daniel Laverde, drums. Were they even born when this came out? Who cares! It was perfect. They were fun, energetic throughout, and exuded talent. Each enjoying the stage and playing off of each other making this concert a truly special one.

We even received an encore after both albums and, topping off the night in great form, a group bow from the band. Class act for sure. Be sure to catch them on tour near you!

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