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Coheed and Cambria Drummer is Doing OK After a Medical Scare on Stage

During a sold-out Coheed and Cambria show at the House of Blues Orlando, drummer Josh Eppard gave the band and audience a scare.

He had a minor medical emergency while playing on stage when the band noticed the drums had stopped. They put their instruments down and ran over to Josh who was slumped over his snare drum. They took him off stage to waiting paramedics to be assessed.

The band kept the crowd informed on what was transpiring backstage saying, "...give us 15 or 20 minutes will try to get this thing back going...". After about 45 minutes the band came out and completed their set as if nothing had happened. According to reports from DJs at the radio station, 101.1 WJRR, who were hosting the show, it was said that Josh was in good health. He had taken his morning run around Disney but that he had been on a heart monitor recently just keeping track of his health... as far as we know.

The band has never been known to be one into the, all too familiar, 'partying' of some bands out there (even from years back), so that was never a concern in this situation.

We wished Josh well and hope that he's back to his old self now or soon will be and keep rocking. This was definitely not a moment that rocks, as I like to call them, but something that left some in the audience shaken.

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