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The heavy metal 'n' roll, dark, madcap visionaries collectively known as AVATAR — vocalist Johannes Eckerström (vocals), guitarists Jonas Jarlsby and Tim Öhrström, bassist Henrik Sandelin, and drummer John Alfredsson — have emerged from deep within the Swedish forest in which they have been working on their ninth album to grace fans and listeners with a brand new song. Listen to and watch the lyric video for "Valley of Disease" here.

"There is a sickness, a stranger, and a harmful way," says Eckerström. "A twisted landscape untouched by the sun. I leave the rest up to either you or me, but never both at the same time. You can only enter this place alone, and my path isn't yours. Your secret is safe with me, but so is mine."

Avatar enjoyed quite a productive summer, traipsing North America on a successful headline tour. They next embarked on some of the biggest shows of the career — a trek with Iron Maiden, supporting the band in stadiums in Brazil. Avatar also played arenas supporting Sabaton. They secured slots at major festivals globally — Inkcarceration, Cadott Fest, Summer Breeze, and Bloodstock along the way.

Avatar add Veil of Maya in the UK and Europe this February and March 2023 on the Dance Devil Dance Tour. All dates are in the graphic below. More U.S. touring will be announced in due time. As for Avatar's mission? There are no weapons on this planet that can challenge might of the electric guitar. For decades, metal has been the most powerful force known to man. Its sonic teeth have gnawed through the status quo over and over, pushing the boundaries for what can be created in the marriage between blood and machine. If a Mount Rushmore were to be carved for all the titans of the genre, it would span the entire globe many times over. It's a burning beacon, the misfits, and rebels. As time has passed, much of the scene has become divided in two equally stale camps. The first is forever stuck in the past, no longer seeking to lead. The second are those who have forgotten the most important ingredients to what made metal what it was and must remain. They've lost touch with the devil. They've forgotten how to move. In a genre best experienced with your whole body, they've lost the lust. Avatar, however, have NOT lost anything. It is with this fire in their bellies that they continue to craft their next album. AVATAR ARE: Johannes Eckerström — Vocals John Alfredsson — Drums Jonas Jarlsby — Guitar Henrik Sandelin — Bass Tim Öhrström — Guitar AVATAR DISCOGRAPHY: Thoughts of No Tomorrow (2007) Schlacht (2007) Avatar (2009) Black Waltz (2012) Hail the Apocalypse (2014) Feathers & Flesh (2016) Avatar Country (2018) The King LIVE in Paris (2019) Hunter Gatherer (2020) "Going Hunting" (Single, 2021) "So Sang the Hollow" (Single, 2021) "Construction of Souls" (Single, 2021) "Cruel and Unusual" (Single, 2021)

Last fall, Avatar, who are known to smash the boundaries between band, theater troupe, and cinematic masterminds with a series of celebrated albums and videos, and the immersive world of Avatar Country, a fantastical land where metal rules supreme, released four new songs. Avatar also previously announced they signed to Thirty Tigers and have launched their own Black Waltz Records imprint.


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