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Queensryche Hits the Road Keeping Emphasis on Newest Release, 'Digital Noise Alliance'

This first stop of this leg of the tour was at Plaza Live, Orlando! It was sold out, packed with Queensryche super fans awaiting their favorite tunes. However, as singer, Todd, stated toward the beginning if their set, they would be concentrating on more on their newest release so there was a mere sprinkling of our old favorites this night.

Queensryche is a band who have gone through some changes over the years, yet, still come out strong when all is said and done.

With his phenomenally talented & powerful vocals, Todd LaTorre, has helped this band continue to stay on top in the grand scheme of the rock world.

The band has 2 originals members, Michael Wilton & Eddie Jackson, lead guitar and bass, respectively, Todd La Torre, vocals, Casey Grillo, drums, & Mike Stone on rhythm guitar. They played songs from their newest album 'Digital Noise Alliance', which fans are getting to know, and, of course, a few of the favorites from albums passed.

We had an encore of -

Let's face it, none of us are kids any longer but you couldn't tell that from looking up to the stage. This band continues to wow and with powerful renditions of their music combined with high-energy stage presence always. It was a HOT night inside Plaza Live and after the first or second song, Todd said "it is REALLY hot in here".... and coming from him, a Florida resident, that is saying something, it WAS really hot in there!

During my evening I'd spoken to someone affiliated with the venue and was told there are renovations coming soon and they also hoped A/C upgrade was to be part of that. We have come to several shows in the last couple of years and it's been the same sweltering heat, so we will very much look forward to those renovations. Plaza Live is still a great place to see a show. Small, intimate setting with a slanted floor allowing even a 'height-challenged' person, such as myself (haha), a decent view from anywhere They also have a large seated balcony area offering great views and a little rest for the weary.

Queensryche have continued to release new music along the way but I believe this would be the first time that I've seen any established band make the majority of their tour setlist up of their newest release. This may alienate some attendees who came to hear their older favorites, yet it may also open many more to come to the Queensryche fold who will then look into past albums themselves. Either way, their is no denying that the band have a sturdy foothold in the rock world and with their fan base who will continue to support. They are wanting to move forward and not stay in the stagnate past by bringing us new music that will also change with the times and we do. The world moves forward, as should Queensryche!

Queensryche is touring with 2 special guest bands, the first being Trauma. This is a band best know for having Metallica bassist, Cliff Burton, as a member back at it's inception in 1981. They then disbanded in 1985 only to come back together, with 2 original members in 2013. After a death in their band family, they kept going and announced a tour with Queensryche in 2022. Trauma is a harder hitting band more reminiscent of thrash metal. They surely woke that crowd up!

The second opener for the evening was the phenomenal guitar player, Marty Friedman, who is best known for being a member of Megadeth from 1990 to 2000. He has released 13 solo albums himself and his performance is all instrumental with him at the forefront of his band with blistering guitar; no singer necessary!

Be sure to catch them on tour!

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