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Kiss Says a Proper 'Goodbye' as the tour came through Tampa, FL

After the god of thunder.....and (eehem...) lightening, caused the cancelation of the show in West Palm, FL... Kiss were primed and rested for tonight's sold out (from what we could see) show in Tampa on Florida's West coast. Everyone one their feet from the start of the show to the end, singing, dancing , chanting right along with the band as they blazed through their hits... one after another!! Their setlist included only the biggest and best loved hits, starting with Detroit Rock City, and including Lick It Up, Cold Gin, Tears are Falling, Love Gun, and so many more!

On a side note, the West Palm show has been rescheduled for November 5th, 2021. After a slight mishap with Gene's platform that brings him onto the stage during the first song, where he almost took a tumble off of it, it was business as usual. I think there was another snag with that platform later in the show also, but all was good and The Demon prevailed, in this case.

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(Just cell phone shots for this show, unfort) We had pyro...LOTS of pyro, that had to have been felt nearly at the back of the seats of the amphitheater.... we were close and yes, we feared for our eyebrows, but loved it!! And, as they say... the crowd went wild!! I especially loved the hug video screens that played old vintage footage of Kiss concerts of years ago. The end of the show brought tons and tons of Kiss confetti and streamers from the cannons placed all over the venue. Did you leave with some of your own? We did!

WILL this tour actually BE the "End of the Road" for Kiss or will we see them live in the future? Paul Stanley has said he believes the band to be done by/in 2023 so we will see what happens. Until then, catch them at a tour stop in YOUR town!

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